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What's a HUG?

A HUG (HubSpot User Group) is the place for HubSpot users, Partners and Marketing professionals to network and learn. Join the Liverpool HubSpot community to hear and share success stories and immerse yourself in Inbound Marketing with like-minded people. There's no better way to upskill and refresh your HubSpot knowledge!

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Who should attend?

If you want to learn and grow your knowledge of Inbound Marketing and HubSpot, the HUG is for you! Everyone's welcome – you don't need to be a HubSpot customer, just hungry to increase your understanding of Inbound. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, we'd love to see you... 

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Why join us for a HUG?

You'll meet fellow HubSpot users within the area, hear inspiring guest speakers and share Inbound Marketing ideas. Not only will you boost your knowledge of the HubSpot CMS, but it's a great opportunity to make new contacts and expand your network in a sociable environment. Did we mention it's completely FREE to attend, too?

Your Liverpool HUG Leader is...

Paul Earnden, Director of Strategy at digital marketing agency Prodo.

Having created an inbound marketing team from the ground up, Paul's been there, seen it, done it (he's even got the HubSpot t-shirt – have we mentioned the free goodies?!). Paul's ready to answer all your questions, so please get in touch as you explore the HubSpot system.

Paul Earnden

Paul Earnden Prodo

[fa icon="plus"] Do I have to be a HubSpot User to attend?
No! The HUG is for anyone interested in learning more about Inbound Marketing. We will be talking about the HubSpot system and tools as well as covering Inbound methodology more broadly – as long as that's of interest to you, please come along!
[fa icon="plus"] How much are the tickets?
Here's the best bit... events are completely FREE to attend – and we even provide refreshments!
[fa icon="plus"] Will this just be a HubSpot sales pitch?
Absolutely not! The HUG's aim is to create a community of like-minded professionals who can learn from each other. It's a forum for anyone with an appetite for learning more about Inbound Marketing, pure and simple.
[fa icon="plus"] How often are the Liverpool HUG meetups?
Watch this space – we've just re-launched the Liverpool HUG to make meetups more frequent, and we've got an exciting series of events in the pipeline! Join our LinkedIn Group, find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to be the first to hear about upcoming events and book your tickets.
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